Why choose us - Lyla

Why choose us

Well, Mrs Kaplan thinks we are the best on the market – and we, and our many customers, agree with her.

Here at Lyla we only have one objective – to help our wonderful customers live a better quality of life. We really care about you.

We are not a giant medical corporation looking for the next brand to make £millions for shareholders. We actually want to make a difference to people’s lives.

For too long anyone suffering from bladder weakness has had a very difficult time. It may have affected their confidence to go out shopping or on a day trip, or even prevented a good night’s sleep – we understand how debilitating that must be?

That’s why we created Lyla. We want to give people their confidence back – to reassure them, to make them feel comfortable in any situation, so they can start to live their lives again knowing they are safe and secure and Lyla won’t let them down.

Why choose Lyla?

More comfortable
More absorbent
Delivered discreetly to your door
Beautifully packaged
Pads, pants and bed pads
Men’s range
Easy repeat ordering

Our feedback

“These pads are fantastic been using them for a while now , they arrive quickly as well.Thank you”

Gwen Lanius

“First class service. First class product.”

Pat Timmins

“These are brilliant. For someone who has medium problems who find the thin ones just don’t cut it but don’t need the bulkier pad these are value for money too”

Marilyn Montgomery

“I use pads all the time. Its so excellent product, I am impressed. Thank you to lyla”

Vilas Mehta

“Had my first pack and I’m most impressed! I’m a new regulate customer.”

Nina P WIlliams

“These pads are really great, use them at night and never have problems with them leaking. Great value for money recommended to so many of my friends.”

Marion Ray

“I use the pants all the time .Love them.Smell gorgeous. Price for them is good too.”

Sue Priestley

“Ordered for mum, came early, good quality, nicely packaged, will be ordering again.”

Karen Smithson

“My mother hasn’t had one single leak since using these, best pads on the market today.”

Sharon Norgate

“I now have to wear them and they are fantastic. Very slim, no bulk at all and does the job.”

Mo Davies

Sample Packs

If you are unsure which pad will suit your needs best, order our sample pack which contains one of each.

Go live your life again!

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