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UK Toilet Map

There is nothing worse than getting caught short.

You get ready to go out – you’re having a good time shopping, or out with friends, and the urge to ‘go’ suddenly hits you. Our amazing Lyla products will help you through the day but there comes a point when we all just need to get to a toilet.

The link below takes you to Toilet Map UK – yes there is actually a website which shows you where the nearest public toilets are.

Simply click on the link and perhaps store this in your mobile phone or bookmark it for future use.

The Map aims to be a complete source of toilet locations. It’s the UK’s largest database of publicly-accessible toilets with over 14,000 facilities.

It is run by Public Convenience, (pardon the pun) a joint venture between researchers Dr Jo-Anne Bichard and Gail Ramster.

The information comes from the public – anyone can go on the website and add, edit or remove toilets.

It may prove invaluable in your daily life if you don’t already know where the nearest toilets are. We think this is a wonderful idea and everyone should be aware of it – so make use of the link and never be caught short again.

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