Spring is here - Gardening jobs in April! - Lyla

Spring is here – Gardening jobs in April!

Spring has arrived, with tulips and flowering cherries starting to bloom. We will, of course, get the inevitable April showers but with sunny days too, we can turn our attention to the veg plot. As you start sowing outdoors, watch out for frosts and keep any tender plants indoors for protection if needed.

  1. Sow hardy annuals, herbs and wild flower seed outdoors
    Sowing seeds outdoors is an easy, inexpensive and plastic-free way to grow new plants. It’s ideal for a wide range of hardy flowers and vegetables.
  2. Protect all fruit blossom from frosts
    Most top fruit and soft fruit are hardy but once they get going, flowers and buds are still vulnerable to frost and will need protection to crop well.
  3. Keep weeds under control
    Remove weeds where you can as they will smother seedlings and small plants. If you want some exercise use a hoe or dig out. Otherwise get some good weed killer on them so you can enjoy your hard work without their interference.
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