Spring is coming! - Lyla

Spring is coming!

Isn’t it wonderful to see the first buds of Spring peaking their heads up amongst the winter foliage. The bees are looking for new homes and fresh flashes of colour are splashing out everywhere.

This really is one of the best times of the yearly calendar – daffodils make their first appearance as daylight hours slowly extend, and we can all bid farewell to the Wintery blues and cold dark nights.

Have you got your bulbs planted? Are you enjoying the slightly warmer sunshine?

We’ve already heard the gardeners out tidying up the old leaves and branches and can smell the fresh grass smell from its first cut.

Now is the time to start watering and feeding the plants to get them in shape for their growing season.

And, of course, with Lyla you can look forward to enjoying the great outdoors this Spring!

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