Our story - Lyla

Our Story

Let’s face it: men have it easy!

No periods, no childbirth, no menopause, no pelvic floor exercises. They just go about their lives with hardly a care in the world. Well, they do lose their hair but that’s nothing when compared to what women have to deal with. From monthly sanitary needs to raising children, women have all the pressures that life’s wonders can throw at them. And all too often it can seem unfair. So when an opportunity presents itself to make their lives a little easier it made sense for us to look at it.

It was a quiet Friday evening following another frantic week in the office. I was just pouring my wife and I a nice relaxing glass of red wine, ready to chill out and watch some TV.

I was relaying a little story to her about a lady I saw in our local supermarket. I was there doing a little market research on the incontinence products for my business and I noticed a lady glancing across at them while she was stood next to the display of sanitary pads. I kept back so as not to disturb her when suddenly she grabbed a pack of incontinence pads, shoved them to the bottom of her shopping basket, and hurried out of the aisle.

I was quite struck by this and felt a deal of sympathy for how embarrassing it might be for ladies to have to buy their incontinence products in a store and, in particular, putting them through the checkout.

I was mentioning this to my wife and she said “Why don’t you offer a monthly delivery service, so any ladies who feel embarrassed going to a shop to buy their incontinence pads can just have them delivered?”

“What a good idea” I said. “A kind of monthly subscription service that delivered incontinence pads discreetly, straight to ladies who need them. So they never have to buy them in a store again”.

“Yes, that would be much better” she replied.
And that is how we (my wife) came up with the idea for Lyla.

Since then we have been working extremely hard to create a service that discreetly delivers a pack of incontinence products to suit each lady’s lifestyle straight to their door with minimum effort and fuss. Our objective: to make it a little easier for any lady out there who suffers from incontinence to live a better quality of life.