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Our journey to Net Zero

Green Acres, based in Northumberland, is different to other schemes, it has an immersive, organic site, continuously evolving, all in support of the environment.

The journey started with the planting of 17 trees. This will sequester 60 tonnes of CO2 per annum. Small businesses can emit around 20 tonnes of carbon every year, so it’s perfect for Lyla, and each year we’ll plant more. Our investment also supports other projects on the site including; planting hedges for wildlife corridors and keeping bees to improve pollination. The whole site is dedicated sustainability.

Our member’s portal shows us up to date, live information on how Green Acres is improving the environment, and how we’re being a a part of it.

The appeal of Green Acres is it’s not just a grass field that will now have some trees put in it. They use a former arable farming block, that was becoming increasingly reliant on artificial inputs, to explore how they can all find a way to future sustainability.

So, much like Lyla, they are at the forefront of sustainability and technology for our futures.

For more information visit: www.greenacresfuture.co.uk

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