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Our Environmental Policy – great products and eco-friendly too!

Our environmental policy.

Here at Lyla, we are committed to doing all we can to help the environment and this wonderful planet that we all live on. We believe we all have a collective responsibility to make changes, however large or small, so we can enjoy a more sustainable way of life together.

We have very carefully assessed all our manufacturing processes in order to make any changes necessary to ensure we are as green as we possibly can be. By doing this we have now been able to manage all waste in an more eco-friendly and sustainable way. It is important to stress, the majority of our waste is not produced during the manufacturing process, but through the actual product packaging. For this reason we work meticulously with all suppliers to ensure all waste is disposed of correctly and safely for the benefit of the environment.

It has always been our objective to ‘reuse and recycle’ wherever possible, and we are able to achieve this with almost 100% of all our waste. We insist all outer packaging is made of 100% recycled and sustainable material.

As a healthcare supplier, Lyla wants to find the right balance between reducing cardboard quantities and making sure our products are well protected for our valued customers. The inner product packaging is subject to specific regulations for medical and sterile products and, therefore, cannot be easily changed to comply with environmental standards, while maintaining health and safety standards.

We maintain a constant review of all product packaging in general and will strive to ensure eco-friendly standards are met in line with environmental policy. One key area we have already achieved is the development of a small range of packaging sizes as possible to ensure optimal compromise between product protection and contents. This has reduced our packaging needs by a third thereby contributing massively to a greener planet.

As we said at the beginning – if we all do a little we can make a huge difference to the world and help us all have a brighter and greener future together.

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