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Cost of living crisis and additional support

Charity Age UK warns of cost of living crisis for elderly.

In a recent report Age UK has said that older people living on less than £20,000 (per household) per year are face particularly steep challenges through recent times.

Nearly a third of the over 60s said their home was too cold.
Nearly half had concerns over the affect their energy bills would have on their health. 59% didn’t know if they could afford to heat their home.
47% were unsure they could buy other vital items like food.

Government data shows around 800,000 pensioners are missing out on Pension Credit that they are eligible for. Many of the poorest households do not receive means tested benefits, and many just above the threshold are missing out on crucial support.

This additional support could mean an extra £1550 over two years which would make a massive difference to anyone struggling with the cost of living.

So, it is important to make sure you are aware of all benefits you are entitled to.

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