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TV and Radio advertising campaign launched

We have enjoyed nearly two years of hard work, providing the best products and services we can to our wonderful customers. We feel it is now time to go even bigger and so have launched our TV and radio advertising campaign here in the north east of England.

Our only objective is to help our customers live a better quality of life. For too long anyone suffering from bladder weakness has had a very difficult time. It may have affected their confidence to go out shopping or on a day trip, or even prevented a good night’s sleep – can you imagine? It really can be extremely debilitating.

That’s why we created Lyla. We want to give people their confidence back – to reassure them, to make them feel comfortable in any situation, so they can start to live their lives again knowing they are safe and secure and Lyla won’t let them down. We believe our products are the very best for softness, comfort and absorbency and we will not stop until everyone with the problem is aware of Lyla and has had the chance to try our products for themselves. And they are all living their lives again.

We have big plans for this year and will be going national very soon. Until then, if you are not in the north east, enjoy the ad by clicking above.

Live Your Life Again.

New TV ad for our upcoming advertising campaign in January

My-lyla tv ad

We are delighted to announce our new TV ad is now complete and ready for our big January advertising campaign. We would like to thank Nick and his team at Active Pictures for producing our wonderful ad – they have done a great job. You will be able to see it when we launch our campaign in the New Year – we will also be on Classic FM and Smooth FM – keep your ears pealed.

In the meantime, thank you so much to our existing wonderful customers who have got us to this point on our journey – you were all first and are all wonderful!


Thank you Christine

These pads must be the best I have used…

These pads must be the best I have used I only sent for one pack but was so pleased with them I put in another order there customer service is second to non also they have a chat button on there website which I have used and find it much easier than sending emails I am now going to stick with this company and all my commercial packs I have can go in to the charity bin
Very happy customer Thank you Lyla

Verified Trustpilot review.

Thank you Liz

Superb quality products, no searching the shops & delivered to the door also such a good price.

I am so impressed with the quality of the products and the fact that l have no more searching around the few shops that actually sell what I need, but never ever seem to have on the shelves, so many bare shelves in local shops with the staff saying they just can’t get them. Also the softness & comfort of the pads is the best I’ve ever purchased, you have got another customer. Thank you.

Verified Trustpilot review.

World Continence Week 2021

This week is World Continence Week.

As we all know, incontinence can affect anyone at any age. It can be extremely debilitating and lead to anxiety issues with sufferers not wishing to go out for fear of experiencing a leak.

It is still quite a taboo subject, but more and more people and organisations are talking about the problems associated with incontinence.

World Continence Week (WCW) is an annual initiative designed and managed by WFIPP, and approval by the International Continence Society (ICS) and the European Association of Urology (EAU). It is a global initiative to raise awareness of all forms of incontinence, pelvic pain and other debilitating conditions which impact greatly on the lives of patients and carers.

WCW provides many useful resources that may help improve the day to day lives of those who suffer from incontinence.

Of course, here at Lyla, we are doing our utmost to make the lives of those who suffer that much better.

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3 lifestyle changes to get your bladder under control

Urinary incontinence is a common problem and it affects millions of people worldwide. Doctors are able to recommend treatment plans and help you to identify the cause of urinary incontinence.

Changing your lifestyle, in some case can also help to control your bladder. The following steps can help to reduce accidents, and help you to live your life again.

Reduce caffeine and alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol have a diuretic effect – meaning that they may cause the need to urinate. It could be that limiting or avoiding tea, coffee, wine and chocolate for example will help your to manage your symptoms.

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