March 2024 - Lyla

Spring is coming!

Isn’t it wonderful to see the first buds of Spring peaking their heads up amongst the winter foliage. The bees are looking for new homes and fresh flashes of colour are splashing out everywhere.

This really is one of the best times of the yearly calendar – daffodils make their first appearance as daylight hours slowly extend, and we can all bid farewell to the Wintery blues and cold dark nights.

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Our journey to Net Zero

Green Acres, based in Northumberland, is different to other schemes, it has an immersive, organic site, continuously evolving, all in support of the environment.

The journey started with the planting of 17 trees. This will sequester 60 tonnes of CO2 per annum. Small businesses can emit around 20 tonnes of carbon every year, so it’s perfect for Lyla, and each year we’ll plant more. Our investment also supports other projects on the site including; planting hedges for wildlife corridors and keeping bees to improve pollination. The whole site is dedicated sustainability.

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Cost of living crisis and additional support

Charity Age UK warns of cost of living crisis for elderly.

In a recent report Age UK has said that older people living on less than £20,000 (per household) per year are face particularly steep challenges through recent times.

Nearly a third of the over 60s said their home was too cold.
Nearly half had concerns over the affect their energy bills would have on their health. 59% didn’t know if they could afford to heat their home.
47% were unsure they could buy other vital items like food.
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