January 2022 - Lyla

TV and Radio advertising campaign launched

We have enjoyed nearly two years of hard work, providing the best products and services we can to our wonderful customers. We feel it is now time to go even bigger and so have launched our TV and radio advertising campaign here in the north east of England.

Our only objective is to help our customers live a better quality of life. For too long anyone suffering from bladder weakness has had a very difficult time. It may have affected their confidence to go out shopping or on a day trip, or even prevented a good night’s sleep – can you imagine? It really can be extremely debilitating.

That’s why we created Lyla. We want to give people their confidence back – to reassure them, to make them feel comfortable in any situation, so they can start to live their lives again knowing they are safe and secure and Lyla won’t let them down. We believe our products are the very best for softness, comfort and absorbency and we will not stop until everyone with the problem is aware of Lyla and has had the chance to try our products for themselves. And they are all living their lives again.

We have big plans for this year and will be going national very soon. Until then, if you are not in the north east, enjoy the ad by clicking above.

Live Your Life Again.